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Are you familiar with Body Sculpting? Wood Therapy? Or do you just have cellulite you can’t simply get rid of? No matter what your answer is, Please continue to read.

What I provide to my clients are Non Invasive Surgery Treatments Using Wood Therapy Tools paired with a Cavitation Machine.

What is Wood Therapy? -A holistic approach to achieve a body shape without going under the knife. Its a firming effect on the skin that activates the elastin, collagen toning, sculpting and improving blood circulation. It helps with cellulite reduction, contours the waist and lifts the buttocks without causing harm to the skin tissue. There is no down time for my procedures. The tools I use allow highly targeted pressure to be applied, and that pressure intensifies the breakdown of fat and fibrous cellulite so that it can be eliminated naturally with other toxins. All I ask is for you to drink plenty of water, and feel REALFINE WITH YOUR NEW THIGHS & BEHINE!!!


  • 100% All-Natural, Non-Invasive and Free of Contraindications
  • Loosens Tight, Restricted Muscles
  • Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage
  • Eliminates Toxins
  • Speeds Metabolism
  • Breaks Down Cellulite
  • Burns Fat
  • Tones, Tightens and Reduces Circumference

Client Example Below:

How Wood Therapy Works

The technique employs a series of repetitive movements using more than a dozen different wooden implements. These implements manipulate targeted areas of muscle, fat and cellulite, stimulating the lymphatic drainage system to rid the body of stored toxins. This release of toxins jumpstarts metabolism to burn fat. The manipulation also serves to break down stubborn pockets of cellulite, thereby shrinking unsightly bulges and smoothing telltale orange-peel dimples.

Positive results will be visible after the first one-hour treatment. Long-term results will depend upon the intensity and speed of the wood manipulation, as well as the number of treatments administered and the degree to which a healthy lifestyle is pursued.

  • Reducing the “Muffin Top” around the Upper Hips
  • Eliminates the appearance of cellulite on the Thighs
  • Leaning and shaping of the Waist
  • Shrinking the Arms and Legs
  • Firming and rounding out the Thighs and Buttocks
  • Lifting the buttocks, aka as a “buttlift”
  • Back and Belly Fat Reduction


The procedure starts with circumference measurement of the target body area, applying the ultrasonic device directly to specific areas of the skin after a gel is applied, continues with circular movements of the applicator over the treatment site. For a Combo session, a Radio Frequency hand piece is used, which is slowly rotated over the targeted area, transmitting radio waves to the skin, heating it 40 to 50 degrees Celsius without burning the skin surface. The heat causes contraction of the collagen fibers to immediately tighten the skin. Then finalized with another circumference measurement. The duration of treatment session (done 1st before wood therapy) normally takes around 15-20 minutes each depending on the size of the area and the thickness of the fat layer. Results can sometimes be noticed after the first treatment, with more improvement noticed within a few days. 6 – 10 sessions at 3 days intervals are recommended in order to achieve an ideal result, but further treatments may be needed to attain your desired figure. With the cavitation machine and wood therapy done at the same time, clients tend to have better results with this combination.

Recommeded Treatments: 6-10 for permanent results.  Drinking plenty of water and keeping a healthy diet can help get more results. Exercise everyday for at least 25-30 minutes for best results.

How often should you space out sessions? Sessions should be spaced out no sooner than 3 days apart, due to allowing your body to get back to its normal state.

Before Care: Do not eat for at least 2 hours before your treatment.  ​
Start drinking water 
​Make sure to ask a physician if this treatment is a good option for you with any medical conditions you might have.

After Care: No downtime

Frequent Asked Questions/ Answers: Q: How long is downtime after each session? A: No Downtime is required

Q: How long is each session? A: Each session lasts about 1 hour each

Q: Does wood therapy hurt? A: It does not hurt but may cause some discomfort depending on your personal tolerance.

Q: Do you offer other services besides Wood Therapy? A: Yes, please visit below at Price list/ Services

Price List & Services:

*Noninvasive Realfine Behine Buttlift & Cellulite Reduction (wood therapy+cavitation)- $119

*360 Treatment- $139 (includes full body using all tools/approx. 1.5 hr time) DOES NOT INCLUDE ARMS

*Butt Mask, Buttlift+ Cellulite Reduction (wood therapy & cavitation machine)- $129

*MOMMY MAKEOVER PACKAGE- $379 (Includes 3 sessions of the 360 treatment, DOES NOT INCLUDE ARMS. Must purchase all 3 at the same time)

*Realfine Behine Package- $319 (Includes 3 sessions of the Noninvasive Realfine Behine Buttlift & Cavitation machine, Must purchase all 3 at the same time)

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