Non Invasive Surgery Using Wood Therapy and Cavitation Tools. What is Wood Therapy? -Its a firming effect on the skin that activates the elastin, collagen toning, sculpting and improving blood circulation. It helps with cellulite reduction, contours the waist and lifts the buttocks without causing harm to the skin tissue. There is no down time for my procedures. All I ask is for you to drink plenty of water, and feel REALFINE WITH YOUR NEW BEHINE!!Clients see a difference after 1st session. Why book me: At a time like this I understand that going to another city to get this service done may not be affordable during Covid. San Diego has yet to have their first black owned Body Sculpting services. I work out of my home to provide the cleanest and safest area for each session. I am a certified Body Sculpting Physician and spend one on one sessions with each client to focus on and reassure amazing results EACH session. I provide nothing but professionalism during each session along with sanitizing all my equipment and wiping everything down in front of each client to feel safe and clean especially at a time like this. Even though the booty is what I focus on, I can also provide full body sculpting. Inquire for current prices.

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